What do bloggers do?

I am not a natural blogger! Don’t tell anyone, but talking about my stories or my life, feels a little narcissistic, (you should see me squirm at therapy). I don’t generally feel that way about the blogs I read mind you. I know, I’m weird. Meanwhile, if I want the world to know about this wonderful project Seraphim City, I guess I have to talk about it and everything else.

So, to figure out what bloggers do, I’ve been researching and researching and found Molly Greene’s “101 blog topics,” as well as my girlfriend’s suggestion of just reading other blogs. The only blog I’ve ever followed consistently (until now) is the Bloggess. Sometimes I feel like she is reading my thoughts, (though I really don’t get her animal taxidermy thing!) If you don’t follow her you should!

As I said, this doesn’t come naturally. Natural for me would be writing a story, short story or poem and then posting it…and then someone throws tons of money at me. Outside of fantasy land (my summer home) if I did that, no one would have any reason to buy the finished product once it’s done and I could be well-read and not paid. Am I doing this for the money? Hell no. Would I like to some day make money? Hell yes! So I guess it’s the blogging way for me.
With that in mind, I was thinking of posting on a few of the suggested subjects: the rules I live by, theories I’ve collected through the years, about my writings, things that inspire me, and the chaos from my past that is now relevant. I would also like to know what you (the followers of this page) would like to read about. I plan to post at least twice a week and these subjects will break up my Steel City Con posts and things about the Seraphim City project as it grows.

Hopefully I’ll get the knack of “what bloggers do!”


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