A little bit about our logo designer!

As a kid I’ve always been obsessed with fantasy and horror. I spent most of my time drawing dragons or coming up with strange creatures. In my school art classes I began to realize that I quite possibly…was talented at drawing.

It didn’t occur to me until high school that I could make a career out of my skills. However, I was still faced with the choice of whether to attend college for illustration or biology. I was torn between my love of making art and my love of science. My senior year I hastily decided on illustration and threw together a portfolio with the help of my art teacher. I didn’t know much about art school, but after some research I decided that New York City was where I should be. I chose to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn because of its reputation as a top art school, because it had a lovely campus despite being in the city, and for the generous scholarship that they awarded me.

Art school is incredibly challenging, despite what some may think. Six-hour classes and ridiculous amounts of homework meant that I had no chance of a social life. After a rough first year though, I made amazing friends in my classes and I began to really enjoy the atmosphere. My professors and friends were so inspiring; I loved being surrounded by people who were as nerdy about art and design as I was.

Now, I’m currently living in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend of six years. While he’s finishing up his last year of school, I’m working as a graphic designer, and of course recently designed the logo for Seraphim City.

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5 thoughts on “A little bit about our logo designer!

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