The bookstore creep

So, celebrities have fanatics, pretty people have fans, and anyone with their own web page can have a stalker. I guess it was only inevitable that bookstore geeky girls would have their own brand of “fan.” Enter the Pittsburgh area bookstore creep. If you have not had the pleasure of making his acquaintance, let me share the joy. A few years ago, my beautiful girlfriend was sitting in a Barnes and Noble surrounded by books and food, grateful for a few stolen moments away from then husband and kids to work on college homework.
It started innocent enough.
“You look busy, are you a student?”
Me, I would have replied with sarcasm (my native language) but she is much more polite and friendly than me. She answered that she was quite busy and even humored the next few similar questions. As the conversation progressed, she mentioned having kids, to which he expressed an interest in, and a husband. Undaunted, he continued to lay on the charm and mentioned his own wife at home. The alarms were beginning to go off in her head when he began asking her about if she was ever able to go out, to which she replied when she was able to. He immediately suggested she should go out with him for her next free evening. Again, ever polite and nice, she again reiterated her status as married. Not dissuaded he explained in vague but unmistakeable terms that he and wife were swingers and would love it if both she and her husband would join them. He then took her pen and began writing his name and number on her paper. Sadly for him, she had just finished reading “Sex, Lies, and Handwriting” where watching him tear through the paper twice in an attempt to write his number down, put her on high alert.
Now don’t get me wrong, what people do in their bedroom is their business, swing away. Of course he could have just been very interested in a cute girl surrounded by books, I know that would catch my eye. In fact, my girlfriend’s book collection was one of the top 100 things about her that got my attention. Had the story ended there, it could have been chalked up to someone acting on impulse. A few months later, in a different part of Pittsburgh and a different book store, there he was again.
“You look busy, are you a student?”
Eventually he recognized her but instead of taking a hint, propositioned her again.
Over the years, she sees him frequently at book stores, looking around like a shark for his next victim. He is well dressed, charismatic and sounds interested, he also seems to be holding back a lot of unsafe aggression.
Meanwhile, who the hell has this kind of time?!
Wouldn’t we all like to spend this much time working on our sex lives!
They say this is the age of the geek and I guess even the predators are adjusting their patterns to accommodate.


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