Introvert in a Top Hat: Steel City Con 3

If the holidays have reminded me of anything, it has been that I am an introvert. I don’t mean the stereotypical definition of shy, awkward and off in a corner with a book… although that is me too. I mean the actual definition, deriving energy from recovery time and not the people around me (the exact opposite of every family member I have been around this entire vacation minus my girlfriend). Being this way, surrounded by people who don’t get it, I get a lot of questions that eventually get annoying:

Why aren’t you talking?

Why don’t you come join the group?

Why are you on your computer?

Blah, at 32 I can deal with the questions better than I could when I was little and have learned to translate them into “We want you to come talk to us,” but it’s still a pain feeling so misunderstood. Another big part of being an introvert is being “on” when there is company or at work or school. It’s exhausting, but as a socialized introvert (which is why most people don’t believe that I am an introvert) I’ve learned how to roll with it, mostly. More interesting things about introverts here.

Which brings me to my insane decision to do something with my writing. No longer do writers exist unknown until that fateful day a letter comes in the mail from a publisher… and even long after that. Now there is the social media side of it all. I am writing a majority of the blog posts, minding the Facebook and ignoring the Twitter (I’ll get the hang of it eventually) and I kind of love it. I try to avoid the shameless self promotion because I just can’t do it (I recently read a really fascinating blog on blogging, self promotion, the goals we make for our selves and discouragement you should check out!) but sitting on my phone between classes (or during the dull ones) instead of playing Candy Crush has been a blast! It’s that next step that makes my inner introvert squirm… This weekend coming I will be at the Steel City Con in Pittsburgh, dressed as a character in one of my stories would be, handing out my card (I HAVE A CARD NOW!!!!) and talking to all the professional con goers about what to do and how to do it.

Yeah, I’m a little freaked out. I’ve been trying to focus on the geek-tastic fun of the con, but this is also a thing I’m doing for the stories and the future graphic novel. Yikes!

Well, here goes nothing. At the very least, I will be there Sunday the 7th, in costume, with my cards and I want company!!! Who will meet me there? If all goes well, I hope to have a table some time soon.



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