My First Comic-Con

From the instant I walked through the front door, I knew I was in a special place. It took less than 30 steps to realized I was out-geeked in every way… And I loved it!

Imagine if you would, combining: a flea market, your local Renaissance Festival , a furry convention, Halloween, an art show, and just for kicks, let’s throw in a few celebrities.

Once beyond those first few steps I was astounded by the sheer number of stuff vendors had to sell. Who knew there were so many types of collectible mini cars or life size busts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters (or at least that’s what I hope those were). My inner introvert gulped twice before I dove head first into the mazes of fun toys. It’s totally cliche but I looked for the Captain American stuff at every table, because he’s awesome and I’d want to be him… (Unlike my sister who wants to marry him! – gay girl/straight girl differences).

I did another post on the different types of vendors here but I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced all the different types. There was the Bored, the Grouchy/desperate, the Conspiracy Theorist, the once famous, Passionate Collectors, and the comfy. How can you not be entertained by such a group?
The people there were just as fun/funny. This too will be its own post soon.
Then of course there were the celebrities. I was told it was open, but I had no idea it was literally a card table between you and someone you grew up watching.
I told Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons) that she was much funnier than Carlton on the Fresh Prince. I told Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) of Star Trek Deep Space Nine I loved seeing a strong female character in sic fi and I met Warf (Michael Dorn)!

Warf of Star Trek, of gagh and kapla and smiles that looked more like snarls. Warf of my childhood, where my mother introduced me to her trekkiness and I loved the crap out of Next Generation. I think it was pure luck I didn’t make an ass of myself. I wasn’t star struck but I was definitely excited! He is insanely soft spoken until he want to be.

My only real complaint was that comicon is not for the broke. $20 to get in might not sound like much but that’s 2+hrs of work for me. To get a phone photo with warf would have been an additional $25 and that seemed too much, so instead I shook his hand and wished I were richer… Or maybe that the rest of the world wasn’t in such a hurry to get richer.
All in all, my first comicon experience was awesome. (Don’t bother making the “cherry popping” jokes I’ve already heard them.) and I can’t wait until we have enough created material to have our own table, hopefully next time!


Kyla Came Too!





4 thoughts on “My First Comic-Con

  1. jeffmcclelland says:

    It’s great that you’re looking to get your own table. What kind of things do you create?


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