My Holiday Rant

I celebrate Christmas because my kids look forward to it all year, because it is a time to reach out to the fringe people in our lives, because my girlfriend gets giddy like a kid over Christmas music, because it forces me to slow down for a a few days a year, because family make an active effort to see or call me, because it’s when I get everyone’s updated family pictures, because I get to spoil my gf with gifts and she is less mad at me about it. In this day and age, Christmas is about family, regardless of its origins.
I do not celebrate Christmas because of any religious reasons.
I say happy holiday because I have family and friends of many faiths, people who do celebrate this time of year for religious reasons. I have Jewish friends and new age and pagan and some day I will know someone who celebrates Kwanza! I say happy holiday because I mean from Thanksgiving to New Years and I say it because I am actively wishing all the wonderful people in my life happiness for this holiday season. Especially since in the Pittsburgh area, a lot of people are susceptible to seasonal depression.
With all this in mind, I am bothered by people who have to post passive aggressive things about saying Merry Christmas, if you want to say Merry Christmas that is fine too but trying to take Christmas back for Christ is the most insane thing I’ve heard today. The origin of Christmas has nothing to do with Christ. If you want Christmas back for Christ, then give back all the Christmas traditions that were around before him. No more caroling, ginger bread, tree, mistletoe, or gift giving!
Or maybe we can just remember the point Christmas which is k
indness, hope and love with our families, blood, adopted, and acquired.

And for further information, read this.

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