R.E.D. Friday

It’s Friday again, did you remember to wear red?

I deployed to a non combate zone and it was one of the worst years of my life. Some day I’ll tell you the story, but just take my word for it, it sucked. So I can only imagine how much more a combat deployment would suck. Members of the military are your siblings, spouses, parents, cousins, and friends. They are doing something most can’t and won’t. They might not agree with the politics of those calling the shots (or maybe they do) but they follow orders because that is what they do. They defend our freedom and give up years of their life for something they believe in. I wear red every Friday to support the troops, I Remember Everyone Deployed and will continue to do so until they all come home. Join me please.

There are many various articles about R.E.D. Friday, each with it’s own origin story so read up, but here is a good one I found.



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