While At Work

You know you’re a writer when: you are pissed off at work because you just heard the best conversation that needs written down, but you’re not allowed to use your phone on while clocked in!


5 thoughts on “While At Work

  1. Is your pencil broken?

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  2. Mike says:

    Some of my best ideas hit me while I’m driving. Trying to jot down ideas with one hand (and half a brain!) is REALLY tough.

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    • I always hear about people who get inspiration at night, then write it down only to discover it doesn’t make any sense upon waking.
      I have that same trouble while driving. I’ll open a note taking app on my phone and record my thoughts. Sadly, by the time I get to my destination, I’ve forgotten the gist and Siri has autocorrected me so many times its unintelligible!


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