When I Write

When I was 20 years old, I was told that some day, I would write love the way people have been trying to capture it for generations.

That statement has become one with my spirit, it isn’t discouraging or overwhelming, it is driving. It is part of the fuel that keeps me writing, that keeps me awake when there is story that need written.

I never had plans of sharing my writing. I can hear the snorts of laughter and incredulity from people who have read my blogs. Yes, I’m more used to the idea now, but writing started as my Emily Dickinson time capsule.

When he said that, it forced me into the light. 13 years later, that thought has grown. More than wanting to write something that makes people feel, I want to write something that lingers. I want 1000 years from now, when we are the ancients and someone is excavating my house, for them to find my tales and feel like the person who first read Homer felt.

I want to write something that adds to what we are as a people.

I was reading a paper for a school assignment called The Sound of Ice by Tyler Lacoma and he said:

“The stories of the Eskimo peoples have collapsed beneath us. Ka-krack. All we have are pieces. Legends and tales were passed down, orally, from family to family until they grew so fragile they now crumble to dust at a glance. It’s hard to explain how this feels, until you understand that these little fairy tales are the lifeblood of a people. Who are the Greeks without grey-eyed Athena and cunning Odysseus? Who are the Norse without grinning Loki and blustering Thor? Something…but less.”

I haven’t even finished the paper (I am so relived to finally be assigned to read something in a class I actually like so far) but I feel the weight of words that feel like a mission statement…. And I wrote a quick short story in Seraphim City, the first in months.

I should be doing homework but this is better.


Welcome to the City



My name is Jill. I’ve spent most of my life in the Pittsburgh area, though I’ve lived in two other countries. I have a beautiful girlfriend, three step-kids; I’m a full time student (18 credits this semester); I work part time at a home improvement store, and I am a sergeant in the Army National Guard.
I have also had an intimate relationship with fantasy fiction since I was in fourth grade when I read C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. At age 12, I began writing–poems, short stories, and parts of novels, although I never finished anything until my late 20s. In recent years, I began writing a series of short stories inspired by events in my life and how they made me feel. I’m sure you’ve had those days where you are so hurt and angry that there are no easy words or ways to express it. Or just met someone that deserved a beating. But we can’t just beat people up–jail time would interfere with our busy schedules of saving the world and drinking good coffee. So instead I take my revenge in fiction or capture the ugliness of life in a scene.
And this birthed Seraphim City, a place of magic, violence, and most importantly, Angels! The world is styled as a drunk combo of Victorian/early steampunk/slightly medieval elements and is completely enchanting, but more details to follow in future posts.
I had a few people read my stories and they all lovingly nagged me into doing something with them. So what do we do with highly visual and intense short stories? We turn them into graphic novels, of course! But my nine-year-old draws better than me, so that sent me on a quest by the name of Craig and his infamous List, for a local, talented artist to balance my crazy and make my imaginings come to life. My quest led me to Kyla Kemmerer, for logo design and my early story boards. Still searching for the right artist to take on the rest of the project though! Know anyone?
This blog will chronicle my adventures as I go from scratch to…. wherever this project takes me. I shall share tid-bits of the stories and drawings with our readers, and of course share my love with all things fantasy fiction!
I will keep you up to date on what happens, where things go, and the projects.

Welcome to The City!