The Story

When I was very little, my grandfather would set me on his knee, open a picture book or magazine and ask me what was happening in the picture. We would sit for hours (or as it seemed to a small child) and make up stories about the political comics or what an eagle was thinking in the wildlife shot. I remember reading Anne of Green Gables years later and finally feeling like someone got my brain. There was a chapter where she said she had invented colorful back stories for all the members of her church. Yes! This was me all the time!

People always ask what I read. I don’t read much any more. People ask what I write. I haven’t written a lot or at least anything you can find. But I have a love affair with stories, sometimes loving the world the story was written and the back story more. I probably was the only person who want to know more about Hobbiton or wished there had been a chapter or two more on Diagon Alley.

There have been more disappointing news with my stories coming to life, I’ve had trouble getting together with my new artist but every time we speak he says he’s still interested in the project but with a surgery coming, everything gets to be pushed back again. Even with all that, don’t give up on me and I will continue to fight to make these stories real!


Our New Artist!

Or should I say illustrator? Which sounds better? Personally I like Artist more because it speaks to more than one…..

What am I doing?! Seraphim City is happy… Gleeful to announce our new artist in residence Don Brown… Or Donald E Brown the 3rd if you go from his fancy contracting business card. I took 3 months, 20ish applicants and a few serious thoughts of quitting writing altogether before it was determined that Don had the talent needed for the stories. He is a Pittsburgh resident, father, contractor, tattoo artist and thankfully draws so that you can feel the emotion of his art. I have already seen a few of his rough sketches of his interpretation of the stories and you are going to love them!

Join me in welcoming the new team member Don and if you know anyone who needs a new tattoo in the meanwhile, give him a call!


Taken by Death

i Just saw a posting that said Sir Terry Pratchett was “taken by death.” What a fun visual. It sounds romantic in a way people don’t talk about death, he didn’t die, he was taken, and from his writing I’m going to assume there was a conversation about potatoes and they danced off together… Followed by a trunk with many feet… 

Just for the record, when I die, I want my obituary to say “taken by pterodactyl!” I’m counting on all of you to make this happen.